Gear Up: Seirus Heat Touch Inferno Gloves

One thing you can marginally plan on at best is the weather. Yes, the forecast can provide us with a safe bet, and looking out the window can leave us with a decent idea of what the weather’s like at that moment, but the weather can change suddenly, especially in the outdoors. While in many regions, winter hasn’t seemed to kick in quite yet (heck, it’s 60-degrees and raining where I live today), but history tells me that it could very well drop to 30-degrees and snow tomorrow. Staying warm in the outdoors can be a challenge, and keeping your hands warm is a crucial challenge to overcome, as they are vital to survival. To battle extreme cold when it hits—whether you’re on the ice, the woods, or the summit—Gearing Up with a pair of Heat Touch Inferno gloves from Seirus will help you stay warm.

Your extremities tend to be more susceptible to the cold than other parts of your body, and the only way to keep them warm is to apply heat. Conventional gloves can help, but actively applying heat to your hands sounds like a much better idea, doesn’t it? Well, Seirus’ battery Heat Touch Inferno gloves take warmth to a whole new level by using heat panels to apply heat to the area between the index finger and thumb.

The glove itself is made from full grain leather and also includes a waterproof insert to keep your hands dry. While other companies have left their batteries feeling obtrusive and bulky, the battery in the Inferno gloves is stored in the wrist area to balance the battery weight more evenly, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable.

The gloves offer three heat settings, the control button for which is on the back of the hand and is also conveniently color coded. Each setting also provides a different length of heat, though. The gloves will last six hours on the low setting, three on the medium setting, and two hours on high. However, you can conserve battery by only turning on the heat when you need it and turn it off when you go indoors.

The Inferno gloves come with a wall charger that charges both simultaneously in about three hours. Now, with a $375 price tag, the gloves really are designed for expeditions or otherwise frequent trips to frigid regions. However, ice fishermen or avid winter campers (yes, we are out there) might think them a worthy investment, as well.

Winter can hit hard and in a hurry when it finally arrives, and avid outdoorsmen know the value of keeping their hands warm. Seirus’ Heat Touch Inferno gloves are designed to keep your hands warm in the coldest conditions and frequent visitors to cold regions will find them to an answer to prayers when the temperatures drop this winter.