Gear Up: MSR Evo Tour 22 Snowshoes

I don’t know about you, but winter hit my neck of the woods pretty hard over the last few days. We went from no snow to nearly half a foot of the white stuff almost overnight. However, if you’re a fan of winter hiking this won’t stop you from getting out there and enjoying a nice trek through the snowy fields or trails near your home. Heavy snow may require more than a nice pair of waterproof, Gore-Tex lined boots, though, and a pair of snowshoes could be the answer. If you’ve been in the market for snowshoes and are having trouble deciding on which ones to purchase, I think today I can help you Gear Up a little faster so you can hit the trails as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn more about MSR’s Evo Tour 22 snowshoes.

To tackle the rolling terrain of your region this winter, the Evo Tour 22 snowshoe from MSR is a great asset to have. The shoes are comprised of an injection-molded plastic deck that is durable, yet lightweight, and offers a great amount of surface area contact. The plastic deck is also tapered to provide a shape more conducive to a natural stride. Stainless steel crampons offer improved traction, as well, while toothed steel side rails run the length of the shoe to provide extra grip on icy surfaces or slopes. Furthermore, there are even horizontal brakes beneath the shoe that improve stability and traction during uphill or downhill traveling.

The Tour 22 possesses bindings that offer a wide strap that crosses over your foot and provides a secure fit, but also feature cam buckles that can be adjusted easily on the go. Like most snowshoes, the Tour 22 offers heel lifts, but they can also be raised to reduce any potential strain on your calf muscles.

Available in two colors, the Tour 22 costs roughly $170, which makes it a great option for first-time snowshoe buyers. Many snowshoe models will typically cost anywhere between $250 or $350, so the Tour 22’s are a safe, affordable bet for experimenting with more serious winter hikes.

Winter hiking can be a great way to get out of the house during a time of the year when many are suffering from cabin fever. Like I said, though, sometimes you need more than a solid pair of boots, especially in deeper snow, which is where a pair of snowshoes enters the picture. If you’ve been considering the possibility, but aren’t quite sure yet—or if you just don’t want to spend a lot, but still want quality—check into MSR’s Evo Tour 22. With several great features, practical design, and durable construction, they’re a great option for you.