Easy Fish Recipes for the Campfire

Just because you’ve taken a break from the kitchen and restaurants to hit the woods for a weekend, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat in style at the end of the day. Whether you’re in the backcountry, catching your dinner, or bringing some food to an established campground, fish is a delicious, easy meal to cook around the fire. Today, I’ve got two great recipes for you to try out the next time you head to the woods with the family!


Rosemary Tilapia

2 sprigs of fresh rosemary

1 or 2 tilapia fillets

High-temperature non-stick spray

Salt and pepper, to taste

Aluminum foil


1.  Spray the aluminum foil with cooking spray and place the fish in the foil.

2.  Season with salt and pepper, then place a sprig of rosemary on and beneath each fillet.

3.  Wrap the fillets securely in foil and place each one near the embers of your fire.

4.  Flip each packet once after 4-5 minutes and remove once the fillets flake easily with a fork.


Zucchini Wrapped Salmon

1 salmon fillet cut up into chunks (a little smaller than a golf ball)

Zucchini sliced semi-thin (1/4 inch)

Olive oil, if available

Salt and pepper, to taste


Aluminum foil


1.  Precook the zucchini in foil until it’s soft enough to wrap securely around the salmon chunks without breaking.

2.  Season each salmon chunk with salt and pepper.

3.  Wrap the zucchini around the salmon chunks and skewer each one.

4.  Hold over the campfire for 12-15 minutes, turning occasionally, until salmon is cooked through.