Gear Up: Columbia River Eat’N Tool

On the trail, meals are very important. Not only can the food you eat make or break your energy and strength during a long trip, but being able to enjoy it without too much cleanup or the need to carry dozens of different utensils is preferred. Thankfully, outdoor gear companies know this and have crafted several products throughout the years that cut corners and save space here and there, in an effort to streamline your weight, but the amount of money you spend. The Eat’N Tool, from Columbia River, is one such tool. Keep reading to learn more about this helpful product and how you can use it to make your next outdoor meal less complicated.

Many outdoorsmen are used to seeing the spork tool, and many even own one or several. Where the Eat’N Tool differs, however, is that it isn’t just a spork. The tool also features a screwdriver, pry tool, three metric wrenches (10mm, 8mm, and 6mm), and a bottle opener. Such features allow it to serve as an emergency tool, as well as an eating utensil.

One feature that makes outdoor gear appealing to us is durability, and the Eat’N Tool offers that in spades. Comprised of stainless steel, the tool is strong enough to hold up against the toughest of ordeals that outdoors can throw at you, while still being lightweight enough to keep from being cumbersome.

Columbia River’s tool is only four inches in length, which makes it a compact, yet vital addition to your gear that you won’t have to worry about making room for. The Eat’N tool also comes equipped with a caribiner, which enables it be attached to tool loops or gear lashes with ease and convenience. The tool is available in four colors, as well—black, silver, fuschia, and tangerine—which appeal to different tastes. Finally, the Eat’N Tool, along with all its features, costs only $7.95, which makes it an easily affordable piece of gear for all levels of experience and budgets.

When it comes to outdoor gear, saving weight, space, and multifunctionality are all desirable features. The Eat’N Tool from Columbia River is a durable, lightweight, and useful product that can be used in a variety of situations on the trail. If you’re looking for a new meal time tool, or seeking a gift for the outdoorsmen you know, the Eat’N Tool is the way to go.