Gear Up: Therma-Rest LuxuryLite Cot

cotRecently, we explored some ways you can sleep comfortably in the outdoors. Today, we’ll take a closer look at a product that can help with this task. Read on for a breakdown of the LuxuryLite cot from Therma-Rest.

Most of the time when we think of cots, we tend to imagine wood or metal frames with stretched canvas as a sleeping surface. For the most part, this is still what cots look like, since it’s an effective, easy-to-use design. However, when you’re backpacking and want to stay off the sometimes frigid ground, such a cumbersome piece of gear will be hard to carry along. The LuxuryLite cot, however, comes in two sizes that pack down to 6 x 15 inches, or 5 x 17 inches, and fit easily into backpacks. Furthermore, both sizes are light as a feather. The regular size weighs just under three pounds, while the large size weighs just over three pounds. The cot also comes with its own stuff sack, to make transporting it a breeze.

Aside from being incredible lightweight and easy to carry, the cot is also durable. It utilizes a patented BowFrame, which eliminates the common complaints of painful crossbars or squeaky joints. The cot’s anodized aluminum poles and sturdy nylon feet endure years of heavy use, as well. Finally, the cot’s laminated nylon cover is waterproof and stretch-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it sinking to the ground or having to sleep on a soggy surface.

The LuxuryLite is also quick and easy to assemble, taking only three minutes to put together, without even having to use tools. This is a blessing on dark nights or after long days on the trail when you’re worn out and can’t even bend to untie your boots, let alone assemble a cot.

The cost of the LuxuryLite varies depending on which size you purchase. The regular size runs $220 while the large will cost you $240.

Sleeping on the ground is hard for some to adjust to, but with Therma-Rest’s LuxuryLite cot, the need to adjust goes out the window. The lightweight, durable cot is a breeze to assemble and brings at-home comfort to any campsite. If you’ve been finding the ground or your standard sleeping pad to be wanting, then I’d suggest checking out the cot the next time you’re browsing the internet or meandering the aisles at your local outdoor retailer.