Gear Up: Mountain House Apple Crisp

appleNormally, I wouldn’t review a specific meal or food for the trail, but Mountain House’s recent addition to their lineup, Apple Crisp, is a limited run product and is one I think many outdoorsmen will want to add to their pantry while it’s here. Keep reading for a closer look at Mountain House’s Apple Crisp pouch.

Featuring apples in a cinnamon spice blend, with crunchy granola on top, the Apple Crisp pouch from Mountain House is a great all-around meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. The mixture is the right amount of tart and not too sweet at all, which I appreciated. The pouch also holds enough to make four small servings, or two larger servings, depending on how much you want to eat.

As with all Mountain House meals, the preparation process with the Apple Crisp is very simple; just add hot water and wait a little bit for the meal to fully hydrate and heat up. The pouch’s foil makeup allows your food to stay warm and makes for easy, no-spill preparation.

Most outdoorsmen know what they’re getting with camping meals, and while the Apple Crisp pouch isn’t lacking, some may wish to add other ingredients to boost its flavor. For instance, you can add chopped nuts or dried fruits to it for a more filling meal.

With a 10-year shelf life, you can stock up on several Apple Crisp pouches to have on hand for future treks. And, at only $7.49, Mountain House’s Apple Crisp is a cheap, satisfying backcountry meal for any budget, too.

Outdoorsmen know the value of a hearty, energy-restoring meal. Either at the end of a long day on the trail, or as an energy boost first thing in the morning, Mountain House’s Apple Crisp is a great option for your next campfire meal. If you’re in the need to stock your pantry for future trips, pick up a few pouches while they’re available!