Tips for Buying Snowsports Goggles

gogglesThe days are growing longer and the temperatures are beginning to warm up, little by little, as winter begins to wind down. That doesn’t mean your favorite snow sports are out of reach just yet, though, especially if you reside in parts of the U.S. where winter tends to hold on longer than in other regions. Goggles will help you enjoy your winter sports even more, and today we’ll take a look at a few things to consider on your next purchase, whether you’re buying your first pair or stocking up for next season.

As with most outdoor gear, don’t settle for the first pair you check out. Be sure to try on a variety of goggles before you make your choice and consider a few different brands. You’ll find that some tend to fit better than others, depending on the brand. Also, one key thing to look for is a frame that fits your facial features. Keep in mind that some goggles are meant to fit small to medium faces, while others are intended for larger faces.

To get a better idea of how your helmet will fit, it helps to bring your helmet to the store with you. Not all goggles fit helmets the same way, so wearing a helmet will ensure that the goggles will fit properly.

Try to look for ski goggles that feature adjustable straps. This will help ensure a tight fight to your head, hat, and your helmet. Also, be sure to ask about the goggles’ ventilation system. It’s not fun to reach the top of the mountain, only to have to deal with foggy lenses.

Finally, your lenses will play a big part in your purchase. For starters, consider the color. Orange or yellow lenses will help improve your vision in low light and overcast conditions, while darker, more neutral lenses are better for brighter conditions. For those of you who may be skiing in a variety of conditions, consider getting goggles that feature removable lenses, so you can insert the best lens for each condition.

Goggles will help protect your eyes against wind, bright sunlight, and small bits of ice and snow when you’re enjoying your winter outdoor activities. Keep the tips outlined above in mind the next time you’re picking up a pair of goggles this season!