Get the Most Space from Your Tent, Part One

inside tent

When it comes to tents, many people discover how little space they have to work with inside once they’re forced to spend several hours in it. Aside from the actual size of your tent, factors such as the number of people inside impacts your available space, too. To fight the limited space, though, you have a number of interior options, accessories, and packing practices that can maximize tent space and your interior comfort, and today we’ll start exploring this.

One of the best things you can do to increase the space inside your tent is minimize the amount of gear you bring with you. Your clothing options are huge in this case. Layering is a better option than bringing specific clothes for specific temperatures. Also, many outdoor clothing products are made from synthetic blends and can be compressed easily to save space. Reducing the amount of clothes you bring will dramatically impact the amount of space in your tent.

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re packing other articles for your trip is which items can perform double duty on the trail. For example, stuffing extra clothes into a pillow case reduces the need to pack a pillow. Also, instead of packing extra rope, the rope you might use to secure items to your car, or in a canoe, can double as a clothesline.

Many find their tents to be a bit tight on space, but there are ways you can keep them comfortable and even roomy. As we discovered today, dressing in layers and bringing multifunctional gear is a great way to cut down on how much space your gear takes up. Be sure to come back for more tips on how to maximize your interior tent space.