WATCH: 6 Must See Hilarious Bear Videos

With the spring thaw upon us, bears are awakening from their long slumber, and these ultra-smart animals sure do some silly stuff. We scoured the internet for the most hilarious bear videos we could find.

1. Bear on a rope

In this first clip, Pat Garret of Garret Bros. Outfitting in Alberta, Canada catches a black bear on video trying to get to a beaver tied up in a tree. The bear precariously hangs from the tightrope, using his teeth at times when his grip slips, in order to make his way to the beaver. Watch for yourself to see what happens:

2. Bear up a tree

In this next clip from Bärengraben Park in Bern, Switzerland, a mama grizzly bear tries to retrieve a five-month-old cub from a flimsy tree branch. After trying various methods, the results are hilarious.

3. Bears on a poll

A unique choice in audio sampling makes all the difference in this next clip from Parc Omega, Quebec that depicts bears poll dancing. Yep… poll dancing, though G-rated. 

4. Bear in a garage

Here’s a bear getting caught in someone’s automatic garage door in South Lake Tahoe, California. Judy Coover told ABC News she was quite nervous. Hey watch the Audi… 

5. Bears in a pool

Bears have been known to take a dip in neighborhood swimming pools. Who can blame them? It’s hot and they have a thick coat. This woman’s reaction, however, to a pair of bear cubs having a go at her backyard pool is priceless. 

6. Bear on a hammock

Lastly, here is an adorable bear cub trying to get comfortable in a hammock. We all know that’s not always easy. Let the hilarity ensue…