Search and Rescue Responds to Spring Hikers


Now that spring is here, more hikers are taking to the trails. That also means search and rescue crews have been busy.

With beautiful spring weather upon us, in some places that means you might be one of the first hikers on the trail since last year. A lot can change in the off season from fallen trees, mud slides or other hazards. Whenever you hike, be sure to bring enough food, water and gear to make it through the night no matter if you’re going out for jut a few hours. The following cases will have you thinking twice about being prepared.

In Pennsylvania, crews rescued a 59-year-old man who fell 40 feet into a ravine. The man was rock climbing Ralph Stover State Park when a miscommunication occurred and he fell almost straight onto his back, onlookers told the local CBS affiliate in Philadelphia. Firefighters reportedly formed a human chain and cable across the ravine to carry the man on a board 75-feet above the ground.

A Kentucky man tumbled about 40 feet suffering a broken leg and wrist along with hypothermia. Clark County Fire Chief Billy Jones told the Winchester Sun the hiker and two friends with him hiking in Lower Howard’s Creek Nature Preserve.

In Twinsburg, Ohio, one rescue underscores the importance in bring a cell phone on your next hike even if you don’t get cell reception. A hiker with a medical issue was discovered by rescue crews from a ping to his cell phone, according to a local Fox News report.

A woman with an injury reportedly to her extremities was air-lifted off a mountain near San Bernardino, California. And in Phoenix, Arizona hikers on the popular Pinnacle Peak trail were reportedly attacked by a swarm of bees. 

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