3 Important Tips for World Naked Gardening Day

The benefits of naked gardening have long been debated. Does it help the plants feel loved? It certainly doesn’t hurt. If you were ever shy about the practice, now is the time to let it hang out.

World Naked Gardening Day occurs Saturday May 7, which means it’s time to plant some crops in the buff. The event certainly doesn’t preclude you from taking part in the long tradition of nude gardening at any time of year, though Saturday is officially the day.

Unless you are an experienced nude gardener there are a few essential things you might want to consider to keep your nose out of jail and your bum from getting burned. 

Wear sun screen

Let’s be honest, a great deal of the skin you are about to expose to the sun hasn’t seen the light of day for a very long time if ever. So it’s a good idea to get yourself well lathered with sunscreen. And even better to have a friend lend a hand.

Use the backyard

Sure naked gardening is a great time, but it’s not for everybody. Avoid taking part in naked gardening in the front yard. Maybe throw on a pair of trousers to till those beats along the sidewalk. If there are children nearby you would be in some big trouble. Stick to the backyard for your nude gardening pursuits.

Shoes and gloves are allowed

You don’t have to be an absolute stickler when it comes to this annual tradition. You still have to get the job done. Shoes and gloves are essential tools and do not disqualify you from the fun. And besides, who doesn’t look great naked in a pair of Crocs.

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