Nebraska Mountain Bikers Want to Ride on Garbage


Apparently there really are not a lot of hills in Lincoln, Nebraska where a local mountain biking group is eyeing a former garbage dump as the spot for a new trail system.

The pile of rubbish, which has now been covered in dirt, looks promising for a group of biking enthusiasts for its elevation gains and proximity to nearby bike trails, reports the Journal Star.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board recently approved the first stages of plans to turn the 570-acre property into a multi-use trail system for hikers, runners and mountain bikers along with a trap and skeet shooting area, according to the paper. 

The landfill was used as the city dump from 1956 to 1990. Former ideas for the site dating back to the 1970s were to turn it into playing fields and a sledding hill, but city officials view the trail system as a more passive-use. 

As far as mountain biking, stranger places have been used by riders. In Louisville, Kentucky, the Mega Cavern Mine boasts 17 miles of mountain bike trails in a former limestone mine right below city streets. Earlier this year, a Red Bull crew filmed an insane video from the park’s extreme “Area 2.” 

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons