Top 3 Aerial Drones to Get the Perfect Shot

In the next decade, consumers and corporations are predicted to spend nearly $100 billion on aerial drones, with just 12 percent for commercial purposes. But it’s the recreational consumer drone market catering to outdoor enthusiasts that interest us the most here at LiveOutdoors. 

Today’s drones utilize GoPro cameras along with smart phones and tablets to bring Point-of-View displays to the operator, which allow them to fly higher and further than line-of-sight vision permits. In some cases, drones operated by media organizations or consumers looking for a newsworthy video have nearly collided with commercial aircraft. They have become so popular, in fact, the Federal Aviation Administration is currently looking at some type of regulations.

The bottom line is these drones are a ton of fun. Chances are you’ll be exposed to one soon enough if you haven’t already. With two new intriguing models on the market and one trusted favorite, we give you our top three choices for consumer aerial drones.