Rescue Volunteers Save Stranded Orca Whale


A group of volunteers in British Columbia showed just how compassionate people can truly be toward animals as they helped rescue a stranded orca whale for eight hours recently.

The young female had become stuck on a remote stretch of rocks and there was really no way to pull her off the sharp rocks without causing harm. When a passing sailboat radioed in the discovery, a group of locals came to the rescue.

“Watching this guy lying on the rocks there slowly drying up as the tide falls, it was something else” George Fisher told the local CBS station. 

For eight hours they covered the whale with wet towels and poured water over her until the tide rose. Once there was another water to raise her above the rocks, she swam off and returned to the pod.

“At first she was stressed,” said Hermann Meuter, one of the rescue volunteers. “You could feel her breathing was getting a little faster, but after a while I think she knew that we were there to help her. We all cared about this whale and were very lucky to help give it another chance.”

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

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