Hawaiian Man Captures Gruesome Shark Bite on Video


For most people, having a shark bite into your leg is a pretty traumatic experience. Not many people would have the state of mind to pick up their cell phone and record the trip to the emergency room as your leg is split open like a tin can.

That’s exactly what 27-year-old Braxton Rocha did. The Hawaiian native is calm and collected on a video he posted to Instagram. The video was taken down off his page, but thanks to Internet trolls everywhere, for which we’re guilty as charged, we were still able to glean the footage. Warning, it’s not for the faint of heart. 

In the video Rocha appears in an a daze. “Whoa, I just got attacked by a tiger shark,” he says into the camera. “Whoa, going to the hospital.”

Rocha pans down to the harrowing wound to show his thigh completely sliced open and blood continuing to ooze out..

“Love you, boy,” Rocha says. “Love you too bra,” his friend says back. 

Clearly he was lucky to be alive. Rocha was spearfishing about 60 yards off the coast of Kapaau, Hawaii when he was attacked. Somehow he managed to swim for help. At the hospital, surgery to save his leg reportedly went well, according to his mother who posted to Facebook.

“To all my FB ‘ohana and friends, I just want to send out a huge MAHALO for all your prayers as Braxton goes through surgery and many days of recovery,” she wrote. “Doctor just came in, all is well. Good prognosis, just need to watch for infection.”

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