Black Bear Walks the Halls of Montana High School

A high school in Montana may have had its share of unruly students, but nothing compares to the black bear that walked the halls recently looking for snacks. This was one bear that wasn’t in search of an education, more like a candy bar or a bag of potato chips. 

While bears in Bozeman are a common occurrence, a black bear walking the halls of the local high school was a first. Bozeman High School Principal Kevin Conwell told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle the bear wandered in through an open janitor’s door.  

“Sure enough it was right there in the hallway,” he told the paper.

Some students saw the bear walk across the athletic field. And before anyone could realize it, it was walking the halls. Students and teachers grabbed their cell phones and captured the bizarre scene as the bear scampered down the hall, poking around lockers. He otherwise did no damage and everyone in the school kept a safe distance, Conwell reports. 

Eventually the bear found its way out and local law enforcement officers herded the bear back into the wild. Officials said they did not euthanize the bear because it wasn’t showing signs of aggression. Apparently one day in school was all the education this bruin needed.