Nature Takes Center Stage at Sweden’s Fjallnas

The commitment to sustaining an unspoiled region is taken seriously at Sweden’s oldest mountain hotel called Fjällnäs.

This 41 room hotel located in Malmagen, Sweden has suites and double rooms spread over two separate wings, all with stunning views of the dramatic beauty that makes Sweden such a gem ion the winter.

Fresh mountain lakes, soaring mountain peaks and untouched wilderness stretch in every direction. It’s a traditional sanctuary in what feels like an ancient and pristine land as viewed from its hillside vista.

Fjällnäsis a destination to discover all year long, though wintertime is its most magical. Avid fishermen flock to western Harjedalen where lessons, guides and equipment are readily available. Easily accessible lakes beckon fly fishermen who can expect trout, char and the Harjedalen’s own provincial fish, the grayling, to be plentiful.

With 30 Gem Hikes in Funasdalen, runners appreciate the savage beauty of the surrounding 60 peaks and hikers climb 1561 meter Storvigen – the highest point in the area – to take in the view and to spot roaming reindeer herds.

Those with a special affection for winter activities are no less impressed. The mountains of Fjallnas offer the delight of wild skiing with spectacular views over the wide open spaces of Sweden and Norway. Traditional downhill and cross country is nearby as well. Bring your own equipment or rent skis, boots and pole from the hotel.

Day tours are available to individuals and groups who want to travel speedily through the area via snowmobile. It’s a popular way to see fantastic winter scenery in Fjällnäs, Funasdalen and near the ski area in Ramundberget


The dramatic landscapes surrounding the area was created 9,000 years ago by moving ice sheets, a testament to the raw power of nature here. When Fjällnäs’s first visitors arrived more than 130 years ago they were attracted by the beauty of the area and that is still true today.

The hotel’s Mii Gullo Spa provides a variety of traditional and uniquely Swedish treatments while taking advantage of the crystal waters of nearby mountain lakes. This calm and relaxing place revitalizes adventurers after their day of outdoor activities.

Entrance to the spa, and your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main building is included in the room price. The restaurant favors local delicacies and fresh raw ingredients, prepared superbly. It’s a new Nordic-style cuisine that incorporates the best of traditional preparation and flavors.

Fjallnas is an exclusive sanctuary where you can experience continual, dramatic changes of nature and live with an unspoiled wilderness right on your doorstep in every season. The air is fresh and pure, inviting you to quench your thirst with water from a mountain lake.

A week-long stay with double occupancy will cost about $2500. Book your trip today through Worth Every Moment. 

Photo credit: Fjällnäs