Hillsound Trail Crampon The Go-To For Slick Terrain

Whether you are a serious mountaineer or a hiker who occasional likes to push your limits, no set of winter outdoor gear is complete without a pair of trail crampons. 

For getting the ultimate traction on snow or ice, the Hillsound Trail Crampon offers a strong and reliable design that will keep your  boots in place no matter what. 

Now let’s face it. Even most outdoorsy types do not often find themselves above the snow line, crossing glaciers or tackling snowy peaks. We leave that to the truly extreme.

But if you’re the kind who likes to plow ahead into an icy landscape then a crampon is an absolute must that can save your life. 

What makes the Hillsound crampon unique is that it easily fits over any boot size with a rubber fitting and a velcro scrap. Each crampon is customized to your boot size. The design is both comfortable and easy to get on and off.

With spikes two-thirds of an inch thick, you’ll have plenty of traction on even the slickest surfaces. And the ergonomic design of the spike plates affords stability to the device.

To find a dealer visit Hillsound.com. MSRP $59.99