spring break

Choosing an Outdoor Spring Break Adventure

With spring break around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to get into trouble. A week is long enough to have a good time but short enough to not feel the need to return home.

Many students and adolescents have been known to use this week as an excuse to party for a week straight. Others see this as the perfect opportunity to go on that one trip that is barely too big to squeeze into a weekend. How you spend your spring break it is up to you, but I know how I will be spending mine – in the outdoors.

If you are an outdoors enthusiast who often finds yourself in a college classroom daydreaming about this weekend’s adventure, then you and I may be in the same boat. Trying to decide what you and your buddies are going to do during this brief week of freedom can be a dilemma.

First things first, plan it out ahead of time. You better figure out where you’re going, how much time want to spend doing it, who’s going, and who’s bringing the beverages.

I suggest the age old college road trip; lots of places, opportunities for adventure, and you can pull a cannonball home at the drop of a hat.

Map it out, plan a route and get the car situation figured out. Find out where you want to fish, where you want to surf, where you want to camp, and where you want to wing it. But bare in mind, if you don’t have enough friends in on this trip, fuel could make it a little out of reach if you are on a tight college kid budget. So be sure to pack those cars full of both gear and good people.

If the road trip isn’t your thing, the next best thing is a backpacking trip. The perfect combination for a tight budget and a world of adventure. The most expensive part of a backpacking trip is the gear, but I’m sure you can use your imagination for some of that. Desperation breeds ingenuity. Backpacking to a backcountry lake or non-accessible surf spot could even make a trip like this a bit more exciting if you are up for hauling the extra gear.

These are just some quick ideas that were bounced around amongst me and my friends for our upcoming break. Look into trying one of these out with your outdoors crew, or not, but regardless, be sure to spend you r break outside with good people! Good luck, happy travels, and be safe out there!