Why Freediving Should Be Your Next Endeavor

Spending a day on the water is always enjoyable, regardless if you are in a boat or on the shore, fishing or just simply enjoying the peace and quiet. We are all attracted to the water in one form or another, but few immerse themselves in that infatuation quite as much as those who freedive.

Freediving, which is a form of underwater diving without the use of a breathing aparatus, is making a name for itself as one of the purest and most intense sports around. Though it is also known to be very dangerous at times, freediving offers individuals an opportunity to immerse themselves in a world seen by few, as well as an insight into little known wonders of the human body.

The possibility for danger should prompt any freediver to learn more about how it should actually be performed. The benefits of taking a lesson from a professional far exceed the alternative of reading about it or learning from the internet. And when it comes to safety, you will be much better off with hands on training.

Freediving is often associated with spearfishing or abalone diving. These are popular ways of getting in the water, and probably the most predominant reasons that people freedive. It is an extension of an individual hunting and gathering their own food, and it just so happens to be one of the most adverse and exciting methods that I have found.

Though freediving is often used as a way of fishing, it does not always have to be. Not everyone has access to the ocean, and there sure are a lot of pretty lakes out there. Freediving, purely for recreation, is a common practice, even in fresh water. In fact, fresh water may often be warmer than many parts of the ocean, though finding one clear and interesting enough can be quite a search, depending on your location.

There are many fresh water fish, such as trout, which are illegal to spearfish. Collecting crawdads is somewhat popular for alpine lake freedivers.

What is the real attraction to freediving? Man’s interest with the mysteries of the aquatic world. Our hope to explore the unknown. Our lust to push our bodies to the limits, and attempt to exceed those limits. Or maybe some of us have a subconscious need to return to the ocean, where we are all truly from.

Regardless of the reasoning, it is something man has been doing since we first laid eyes on water, and discovered it bounties. A practice that will be present as long as man. It is simplicity and complexity.

© Mikhail Dudarev | Dreamstime.com – Lady freediver gliding underwater