Picnic | Find Your Adventure in Montana

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In Montana, it’s not just about the natural beauty, it’s the size of the experience. And not just because Montana is a big state, but it’s a place filled with infinite possibilities. The best trips here are filled with moments that could only ever happen once, and only for you.

To find your #montanamoment, you only need to decide what experience is calling your name.

You can combine two or three of your favorite activities into one epic day like David Gonzales and his friends did when they completed their first ever Montana “Picnic” just outside Bozeman.

They were surprised by how much fun they were able to fit in before dinner, and blown away by the rugged beauty waiting just a few miles from downtown. The possibilities are endless when mountains, rivers, and friendly people come together like they do in Montana.

Montana has something for everyone to discover. It’s called the Last Best Place for a reason.

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