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In Montana, it’s not just about the natural beauty, it’s the size of the experience. And not just because Montana is a big state, but it’s a place filled with infinite possibilities. The best trips here are filled with moments that could only ever happen once, and only for you.

To find your #montanamoment, you only need to decide what experience is calling your name.

You can follow in the footsteps of Gale and Laura Straub, road tripping through the state in search of hot springs, huckleberry pie and conversations with locals. They knew they’d find mountains and open roads, but they didn’t realize how much closer their relationship would be after just a week in the Last Best Place. Perhaps you, too, could use a dose of Montana road trip with someone you love.

Montana has something for everyone to discover. It’s called the Last Best Place for a reason. See what awaits you at VisitMT.com.