Camp Champ All-in-One Camping Kitchen

Foodies rejoice! Here’s a way to streamline your camping kitchen with the Camp Champ, a nifty system that packs a kitchen’s worth of cooking gear into a portable box.

Camp Champ can handle serving a group with everything you might possibly need: a 4-burner gas stove, knife block, set of pots and pans, spice rack, dishes and utensils for six, a coffee percolator, cheese grater, and other kitchen knickknacks. Best of all, it’s designed so all the equipment fits secured snugly in a series of cubbies, shelves, cabinets and racks so nothing shakes, rattles or breaks in transit.

The box is built from boatbuilding-grade plywood with beautiful sapete wood veneers and has a weatherproof finish and galvanized steel corner reinforcements, aluminum edge protectors, and steel handles.

This little trunk packs a huge kitchen punch, with a fully-functional kitchen inside and loads of quality equipment. The outer shell serves as a base – so when you pull out the equipment box and set it on that base the food prep area is at a convenient height. There are garbage bag holders on each door and a small flip-down counter. The entire unit doubles as a seat and even comes with a cushion.

This is clearly not intended for the Appalachian Trail explorer who has resigned himself to living on beef jerky out on the trail. But for the camper who wants to make and enjoy great – even gourmet – meals in the great outdoors, this kitchen in a box has everything: a double-burner grill with griddle pan, stainless steel sieve and a whetstone.

With everything self-contained in the beautifully-crafted box, you can just pack up your full kitchen and head to the mountains. Of course this is not something you’ll want to lug over the Alps…when closed, the box measures 26x21x22 inches and weighs 154 pounds with the gear packed inside.

Camp Champ CEO Franz Moser designed Camp Champ for his own personal use, building it in Austria and outsourcing the cooking equipment from Germany and Switzerland. Every component of Camp Champ is high quality, but the unit comes at a hefty price. It will set you back $6,120.

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Photo credit: Youtube