10 Classic Outdoor April Fools Jokes

Did you hear that Jackalopes are being reintroduced into Yellowstone Park?  That Yeti’s new cooler comes with built in electronic game calls?  Or how about the shark that guy caught in the Missouri River?  Heard about the molecular phylogenetic analyses that proves Bigfoot exists?

If you have, you probably heard about it on April 1 – April fool’s day.  Something about outdoor people really clicks in once a year, possibly a carry-over from the hoary traditional of telling tall tales around the campfire.

Petition seeks return of Yellowstone jackalope to public lands around parks

In Bozeman, Montana federal wildlife managers say they are in the early phases of reviewing a petition that seeks to reintroduce the gray prairie jackalope to the greater Yellowstone area.

This classic news report from Yellowstone Gate is so well written that it’s hard not to believe.

Angler Catches Shark in the Missouri River

Front page news from the Helena Independent Record.

The Yeti Ridicooler

“Designed to blend YETI’s legendary durability with an array of built-in conveniences for the modern outdoor multi-tasker, push-button game calls tuned for everything from birds to predators and big game are guaranteed to be the envy of any hunting camp.”

You have to see this Youtube video to not believe it.

Mountain House Introduces Freeze-Dried Haggis

Mountain House heard its customers loud and clear and created a new freeze-dried flavor for all your backpacking adventures.  Not.

New Trail Trend: Ultra-Heavy Hiking

“The recent trend of ultra-heavy hikers has a subset of participants who want to make more of a statement with their weight training. We’ve created a roundup of alternative weight choices, but we definitely recommend keeping the water in your pack, just in case.”

Suggestions from the Washington Trail Association include carrying your kids, dogs, and extra gallons of water.

Camelback Launches Closed Water Filtration System

Camelback takes a note from Frank Herbert’s Dune with the “Closed Loop Hydration System“. Think of all the weight you’ll save hauling water.

Hippos spark management debate

“Nation’s most fearsome invasive species wreaks havoc on Western waterways.”

Green Trails Maps — The Mountains of Kansas

The bigotry of low expectations.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy: eau de thru-hiker

The ATC released this new perfume in its online store, so you don’t have to go days on trail without a bath to get that very unique and sought-after “hiker scent.”

The Science is Indisputable, Period. Bigfoot exists!

The Yeti DNA sequenced — this classic academic spoof is so good it has been repeatedly cited in the news media as scientific proof.

Milinkovitch M. C., Caccone A. & G. Amato
Molecular phylogenetic analyses indicate extensive morphological convergence between the ‘‘yeti’’ and primates

Poisson d’Avril

In France, April first is known as “Poisson d’Avril”, or April Fish day. Kids tape paper fish to their friend’s backs.

Forewarned is forearmed. Watch your back. And be on the look-out this April 1 for more of the same.

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