How To Choose an RV That’s Right For You

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Recreation vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. There’s one to fit any budget and match any lifestyle. So how do you choose an RV that’s right for you?

First, consider what your primary purpose will be. How much time will you spend in it? Will you drive great distances? And how much money are you willing to invest? These are all great questions to get you thinking about what you want.

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Here is a simple breakdown of the types of recreation vehicles and how they can work for you:  

Towable RVs

RV trailer

Towable RVs are the most versatile recreation vehicles because they offer a comfortable living space while still affording the luxury of using your truck or SUV separately. Unhitch the trailer at the campground and set off on an adventure right away.

The towable category includes conventional travel trailers as well as fifth-wheels, but also smaller, expandable trailers. Slideouts provide extra living space with the touch of a button. Full kitchens and bathrooms offer all the amenities you will find in your own home.  Don’t own a truck, but still looking for a towable option? Try a folding camping trailer, which offers a lightweight and streamlined profile that can be towed by some family cars or minivans while also providing plenty of space at the campground.

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Type B Motorhomes


Type B motorhomes are a great option for exploring the backroads of America and handle much like the family vehicle. With a smooth ride and compact design, these RVs can cover long distances, get to places off the beaten-path and still have offer a comfortable place to call your home away from home. And while they look like a van from the outside, inside you’ll still find plenty of amenities including sleeping quarters, bathroom and kitchen.

Type A and Type C Motorhomes


Type A and Type C motorhomes offer superior comfort with all the comforts of home, often popular with retirees and full-timers, but also an excellent choice for young families who need the space. Kids love the bunk over the cab option in Type C motorhomes for sleeping and unplugging from the family. These drivable units do come at a higher price point, however, so that’s something to consider. Having a motorhome offers endless opportunities for fun both far and near to home, including tailgating for your hometown football team.

Truck Camper


If you already have a full-size pickup truck and do not like the idea of pulling a trailer, a truck camper is an attractive option.  The truck camper mounts in the bed of a pickup. Similar to a trailer, the truck camper offers the ability to leave it at the campground while you go exploring. Simply extend the legs pull out from underneath.

Park Model RV


Another great option if you don’t want to drive a motorhome or tow a trailer is a Park Model RV. These are a great match for you if you enjoy the idea of seasonal camping and staying in one campground or resort for extended periods of time. These vacation getaways offer additional space for families and many feature a sleeping loft on the second level.

Whichever type of RV you choose, your family will absolutely be in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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