Clipper Race Ends in London with LMAX Win

After nearly a year of ocean racing, the epic Clipper Round the World Race has come to an end, with LMAX Exchange taking the final trophy, logging its sixth win of the 12-race series. 

Battling with Derry-Londonery-Doire to maintain a thin two nautical mile lead, the crew managed to make it into the final port having added three nautical miles to that lead.

“The last 24 hours were decisive,” skipper Oliver Cardin told media members after the win. “We managed to take the lead last night and keep it rounding Ratlin Island.”

The race, which began in London last September, took the fleet around the globe to Rio, South Africa, around the southern end of Australia, up through Asia to Vietnam and China, over to Seattle in a harrowing passage across the northern Pacific, and then down through the Panama Canal, up to New York, and finally across the Atlantic back to England.

With our extensive and regular coverage of the race, it’s possible we’ve turned some readers on to the world of ocean racing as a kick ass outdoor adventure option. But maybe some of you would rather stick to the trails or the track. Either way, the race was brought with adventure.

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