Man Saves Black Bear With Head Stuck in Jug

A lasso and some slick wrestling moves by a quick thinking B&B owner helped a Colorado black bear with a clear plastic bucket stuck on his head.

The bear, estimated to be two-years-old and weighing abut 100 pounds, had been seen multiple times in the area around Glenwood Springs by the time Mill Creek Bed and Breakfast owner Jim Hawkins ran across him, based on a UPI story.

Locals believed the clear bucket once contained cheese puffs, and it is safe to assume the cheese puffs now occupy the bear’s stomach. The unfortunate side effect of the opportunistic snack was a puzzled bear that looked like an astronaut.

Onlooker Erin Caldwell caught the hapless bear nicknamed Jughead on video and posted it to Youtube.

Hawkins told UPI the hapless bear was “just a little bear with a big problem,” and explained how he’d lassoed it around his midsection, causing the bear to come at him. 

The two had a bit if a roll in the grass before the bear managed to escape up a nearby tree. Even better, at least seven of Hawkin’s guests got to witness the situation.

That was clearly not in the brochure.

Hawkins next tied off the rope and called wildlife authorities, who were able to tranquilize the bear and remove the bucket.

While everyone enjoyed the spectacle, Wildlife Officer John Groves warned against average citizens trying to interact with distressed animals. In fact, Hawkins had to get stitches after the bear cut into his arm during the scuffle.

Of course, it’s relatively common for young bears to end up with a jug or a bucket stuck to their head, but this guy got lucky with the clear plastic model.

Hawkins told UPI, “None of us wanted to see him die in the bushes some place.”

Photo credit: Fox Memphis