10 of the Most Unique Glamping Spots in North America

As more people venture into the outdoors than ever before, the number of options for all types of sensibilities are endless. Whether it’s backpacking, car camping or RVing. there is something for everybody.

As more millennials turn to outdoor activities and people with less experience head out camping, one of the biggest trends in outdoor recreation has become glamping, a more glamorous way to camp.

We used to call this renting a cabin, but now they call it glamping. This can be a yurt, cabin, tree house and anything else that’s creative such as an Airstream trailer. Here are 10 unique places in North America.. 

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Lots of cabins and campgrounds offer accommodations that fall under the glamping category, while the term can often be used loosely by existing resorts. 

Here are 10 of the most unique glamping destinations we could find, but be advised you might spend $500 to sleep in a tipi.

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AutoCamp on Russian River


The Santa Barbara venture known as AutoCamp pays homage to the famed Airstream trailer. These luxurious silver bullets have been completely restored into beyond mint condition, something you would see at a resort. After launching on the outskirts of Santa Barbara, AutoCamp is expanding with a park on the Russian River 90 miles north of San Francisco. Time travel back to the 1950s, but without the musky smell. These Airstreams are truly a thing of beauty and a throwback to a golden era of camping.

Tipi Village Retreat in Oregon

At Tipi Village Retreat near Eugene, Oregon experience tipi living in a beautiful setting of the Mohawk Valley. Each of the seven tipis are furnished in a Zen style with gorgeous stone floors and rugs to create a cozy feel. The retreat is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature. During the spring, elk bulls graze nearby and Oregon Chinook salmon come upstream in a nearby creek.

Hawaiian Yurt on Mauna Loa

hawaiian yurt

Ever wanted to camp on the side of the largest volcano on earth? Through Hawaiian Journeys you can book a yurt perched at 3,000 feet on the southern slope of Mauna Loa, considered the world’s largest volcano. It is also responsible for forming the big island of Hawaii. An eco-friendly and relaxing environment, the yurt is located 45 minutes from Volcano National Park. Complete with views of the coastline, the yurt is furnished with a queen size bed, refrigerator and microwave.

Fireside Resort Jackson Hole


At Jackson Hole Cabins that are putting a new spin on ski resort lodgings. Through a cluster of 23 gorgeously modern cabins that reflect the area’s historic homesteader cabins. Each rental includes a fireplace, private deck and a full kitchen. These elegant cabins combine the bests of camping in a world class setting and the conveniences to make your stay a comfortable one.  

Moose Meadow Lodge in Vermont

At Moose Meadow Lodge in Waterbury, Vermont, you can experience the Adirondacks like the original pioneers. This secluded log cabin has four luxury guest rooms, but what’s even more special here is its Magical Treehouse. The two-story nest is handcrafted with 31 windows and located right above a trout pond.

Mustang Monument

For another trip back in time, Mustang Monument just south of Well, Nevada offers guests a sustainable resort amid a preserve for wild horses. See horses in their natural environment, how they might have looked to early American settlers. The  resort comprises 900 square miles and includes luxury guest ranches in an Old West style. 

Remote Alaskan Cabins

alaska cabins

If you want to experience what it would be like to live in a remote Alaskan lakeside cabin, there are nine units you can rent near Girdwood, Alaska through Glamping Hub. The cabins are described as “Yukon-style cabin tents in wooded settings.” Two of the charming log cabins reflect the historic styles of early settlers and are located right on the lake shore. It’s history on the outside and modern on the inside with luxury accommodations, because these are no ordinary Alaskan cabins. 

Redwood Tree House

redwood house

Another on the Russian River north of San Francisco, this exquisite house nestled right among a red wood grove. The house is built so close to the trees that the stump of one of the towering giants encompasses the front door. It’s a one-of-a-kind cabin in the heart of red wood country. Like a vision out of a ferry tale, the Redwood Tree House is what dreams are made of. 

Wildwater Falling Waters Nantahala


Tucked within the North Carolina Smokies are a series of yurts at Falling Waters Nantahala that are inspired by Mongol empire. Built with the ancient designs of Mongolia in mind, these deluxe yurts overlooking ponds and Fontana Lake offer the perfect place to relax and gaze at the stars. 

Resort at Paws Up


The Resort at Paws Up in Montana is closer to a traditional resort or a dude ranch than a true glamping experience, but it offers so many cool places to spend some time that we just had to mention it. With an assortment of cabins to choose from, each has extraordinary features in spectacular locations. And they also have tented camps for a more budget friendly option. The Resort at Paws Up is sure to turn any eco-traveler’s fantasy into reality.