Air Sofa is Hottest New Item at Outdoor Retailer

You’ve seen them on Facebook. They have littered kickstarter with enticing offers. Call it a lay bag, wind pounch or an air couch. Whatever you call it, these inflatable sofas were the hottest new products flying out of Outdoor Retailer 2016.

A booth selling the Wind Pouch at half price was having trouble keeping them in stock, sending away for more halfway through the show. But as many people have discovered, inflating one is not as easy as the promotional videos would make it appear. 

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Still it’s not that difficult, especially with plenty of space. After a little practice, you’ll be able to inflate it just like a pro. The Wind Bag works by pulling air into twin sleeves like a hot dog bun. Once you get it about 75 percent full, just roll it up like you would a dry bag, buckle it and you’re done. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your new found comfort.