Top New Hammocks and Rooftop Tents at Outdoor Retailer

The vast number of new hammocks at this year’s Outdoor Retailer show proves that people just don’t like sleeping on the ground anymore. 

Whether it’s hammock tents, roof top tents, tree tents and even tree hammock villages, people are getting off the ground for a new experience in the outdoors. Cots, meanwhile, are still passe.

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The most common way of getting of elevating your campsite is through a simple camping hammock. But today’s models offer lots of extra features, including all-in-one shelters. 

Hammock camping offers a more comfortable nights rest, but also comes with its own set challenges when it comes to insects and staying warm. Sleeping on the ground affords you the warmth of the earth below, so hen you get off the ground, it increases air flow. You’ve also lost your wind and bug protection. 

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Here are seven hammocks and rooftop tents forging new ground in the field of hammock camping:

Sea to Summit Ultralight Hammock

Seatoshore hammock (800x533)

One of the lightest hammocks you’ll ever find is the Sea to Summit Ultralight Hammock. This paper thin hammock weighs in at just 4.9 ounces, but with plenty of strength to hold up to 300 pounds. Packed up the hammock is no bigger than a soda can, making it the smallest and lightest hammock we found. You can also purchase a bug net and minimalist tree straps that are equally smart in saving weight.  

ENO Single Nest

Emo2 (800x533)

For a straightforward hammock that gets the job done, the ENO Single Nest is a fine choice for a light weight and strong construction. This hammock is made of breathable quick drying nylon with heavy duty triple stitched seams for a capacity of 400 pounds. MSRP $60  

Thermarest Slacker Hammock

Thermarest (800x533)

New to the hammock market this year is Thermarest, bringing with it a strong reputation for a good night’s sleep in the outdoors. From the makers of quality sleeping pads comes the Slacker Hammock, which smartly tackles the issue of warmth. Along with a quality lightweight hammock, thermarest offers a hammock warmer which slips below the hammock like a comforter to hold in your body heat. They also have what’s called the Hammock House, which offers a hammock, bug net and liner all in one. 

Hammock Bliss

Hammock Bliss (800x533)

From Hammock Bliss comes a unique design called the Sky Bed. This hammock is another all-inclusive design with a bug net includes. But this one has some added design features that allow the user to lay flatter than other models. And you can also easily slip in a sleeping pad for added comfort. 

Tepui Rooftop Tent

Tepui (800x533)

Along with hammocks, another trend when it comes to sleeping off the ground this year is the rise in rooftop tents. Common in Australia and Africa to avoid predators at night during safaris, rooftop tents are beginning to be more popular in the US for recreational camping. They offer easy pop-up and a comfortable sleeping perch. One that caught our eye at Outdoor Retailer was the Tepui roof top tent offering durable waterproof fabric and a design that fits easily on a roof rack. And when the tent is folded up, it looks no bigger than a luggage carrier. 

Yakima Skyrise

Yakima2 (800x533)

Yakima is best known for its roof racks, so why not getting into the roof top camping market. That’s exactly what they’ve done for the company’s first ever roof top tent in its Skyrise. This tent won’t be on the market until Spring 2017 along with its Slim Shady car top awning. Set up in minutes and camp on any terrain with this comfortable roof top tent.