BMX Riders Fly Through Fields of Blooming Flowers

Why tip-toe through the tulips when you can tear through the Canola? A pair of professional BMX riders from Europe recently released a new video by Red Bull which shows them pulling world class tricks in a field of blooming canola. 

The yellow flowers of the canola field against a bright blue sky creates a mystical backdrop for some of the best BMX riding in the world. Freestyle icons Martin Soderstrom from Sweden and his Polish friend Dawid Godziek are featured in the short film Field Trippin’, produced by Red Bull Sports.

In the video, the two riders pull of some never-before-seen tricks, including a 360 tailwhip catch tailwhip (whatever that means) and a 360 nohander to tailwhip. The film was shot in an iconic Swedish landscape, hearkening back to Soderstrom’s own childhood. 

“I’m born and raised in one of the flattest areas in Sweden, but it never stopped me from pursuing a career as a mountain bike pro,” Söderström told Red Bull Sports. “You just can’t let a minor detail like that stop you.”

The idea for the film was also meant as a nod to an iconic bike film classic Life Cycles.

“I wanted to make an updated version with way gnarlier tricks and a Swedish twist”, he said.