Braven Bluetooth Speaker Scores with Music Loving Adventurers

When you’re on the water, music lovers never like to go without their tunes. Wearing headphones while paddling or boating can be out of the question. That’s where a bluetooth speaker like the Braven BRV-Pro comes into play. 

With this Braven waterproof bluetooth speaker you get excellent audio quality in a rugged and adaptable shell that can be taken just about anywhere. 

We decided to take this speaker kayaking in Marina Del Rey to test its capabilities in the field. The first test we did was to completely submerge it in water, which kills some speakers immediately that claim to be submersible. This one has a rating of IPx7, which is the highest we’ve tried. 


The first time we turned it on, we heard the power-up sound and was immediately impressed with how loud it could get. Compared to other speakers we’ve tried, this one’s got bass that somehow,doesn’t deplete the battery nearly as fast as other speakers without bass. 

Aside from all this goodness already, the design alone was enough to win us over. It looks like a transformer, or some type of futuristic device much cooler than a waterproof speaker, which is something already cool to begin with. With 2200 mAh of battery power, this speaker will play continuously for up to 30 hours on one charge.

With plenty of option for add-ons and accessories like the action mount, glow deck and extra battery pack this speaker can be easily adapted for use off-roading, climbing, biking and even on an SUP. There’s also a solar panel you can get as an attachment. 

Here at LiveOutdoors We’ve gone through four waterproof speakers in a pursuit of the perfect one for ocean kayaking, and we think we’ve found it. 

MSRP $150

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Photo credit: Braven