Hobie Debuts First Hands-Free SUP like Elliptical Machine

Making its mark on the stand-up paddleboard industry is the first hands-free SUP with an elliptical design in the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

Combining its mirage hands-free fin drive from its kayaks and combined it with a stand-up paddleboard to create a new toy. The Mirage Eclipse is really easy, making it great for beginners. We caught up with Stephanie Locher at Outdoor Retailer 2016 who demoed the board for us. 

“With stand-up paddleboarding there is a bit of a learning curve,” Locher said. “You have to work on balance, but because of the board shape and the handlebars (with the Mirage Eclipse) you can just hop on and go.”

What looks like brakes, however, actually controls a rudder. Just pull on the right to turn right and the left to turn left. It’s that easy. The price tag not so much. This luxury SUP will set you back around $2,500.

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