4 Campfire Songs That Strike a Chord in Summer

Nothing makes a camping trip like a nice cool night paired with a warm campfire. And then of course, a great group of friends sitting around it. The only thing to make that any better is music.

Singing and playing a few campfire songs are the best way to spend an evening in the woods. Here are four campfire songs that are both easy and fun to play and sure to get your friends jamming in the wilderness.

can’t you see – marshall tucker band

Easy to play on the guitar, and you can even have a few other campers join in with a variety of instruments – a harmonica, mandolin, some drums or bongos, maybe a tambourine. “Can’t You See” has a repetitive tune and provokes those feelings of wanderlust that we all feel when we go on an awesome trip with friends.

american pie – don mclean

I don’t know many people who don’t know a lyric or two of this song, but even if they don’t, they will be sure to catch on during the first chorus. This has got to be one of the funnest songs to sing if you can find someone to play it on the guitar. Hopefully your friends have good memories, because this song has song wild lyrics to remember, and plus its a long song. “American Pie” is without a doubt one of the best campfire songs.

blister in the sun – violet femmes

Another song that might take a little bit of skill to play – “Blister in the Sun” will result in laughs and smiles around the campfire. All together, the chords aren’t too hard to play, but the musician had better have some quick fingers. Thankfully, the lyrics are easy and very repetitive. Another one that campers will catch on to as the song goes on.

blue eyes crying in the rain – willie nelson

What a pretty tune. And so easy to play on a guitar. “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” is definitely a good ending to a long night around the fire. It’s calm and as slow as can be. Now you will just need some vocals like Willie Nelson’s to perfect this number. This song might even work if you are trying to romance that special lady around the campfire. Give it a shot!

Photo credit: Pixabay