How to Tap Your House Cat’s Wild Instincts with NoBowl

Anyone who lives with a house cat has probably experienced some of the same issues. Vomiting, litter box mishaps, late night cravings and stalking the feed bowl, to name a few. 

It may all be due to the fact that your house cat wants to be outside. It wants to hunt. All house cats suffer from the simple fact that being indoors is not their natural habitat, according to a Philadelphia veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales, who recently spoke with the New York Times about a new product she designed to mimic natural feeding behaviors. 

“They need portion control. They need regular exercise. They really should be in charge of their own feeding schedule,” Dr. Bales told The Times. “All these factors boil down to cats should not be eating from bowls.”

Her product called the NoBowl Feeding System stimulates a cat’s natural feeding instincts. It looks like a pet mouse, which when stuffed with dry food offers a playful outlet that mimics hunting behavior. Similar to a KONG for dogs, which has long been available at pet stores, the NoBowl delivers small portions at the cat’s discretion, just like they would experience in the wild, well sort of.