How to Build a Cabin Entirely Out of Pallets

If you’re among the resourceful type you know that whole lot of cool stuff can be made from found objects. One of the most versatile source of building materials come from shipping pallets, which you can often acquire for free.

We’ve seen lots of crafty projects over the years that have originated from shipping pallets including everything from planter boxes to lawn furniture. But now we’ve come across a use for pallets that we had never imagined, creating an entire cabin.

Yes, it’s entirely possible to use pallets to create a cabin or even a home. Two rows of pallets stacked on top of one another create the perfect dimensions for a wall. From there you can add insulation, outer siding and even drywall if you so desire.

Here’s a video we found from Relaxshacks on Youtube showing just what’s possible with a truck load of pallets and some imagination.