5 Ways to Get Ready for Ski Season

Before the snow hits the ski slopes, even before you purchase your season pass or any new equipment, you can do a lot to prepare physically for ski season. If being physically fit is already a part of your daily routine, then getting ready for ski and snowboard season might seem redundant, but there are some specific exercises you can work on to make you a stronger skier.

Here are five areas to focus on during your workouts to prepare for ski season.


Without a doubt the most important muscle to make you a strong skier and snowboarder are your quadriceps. These are the muscles on the front of  your leg above your knee that come into play when you hold a sitting chair posture. Simply holding this pose is a great wait to begin working your quads. You can also do lunges and jump squats without weight. If you want to add weight there are lots of exercises at the gym you can do such as squats and leg extensions.


Another important muscle are your calves, along with your ankle joints. It’s extremely important to have flexible ankles and strong calves that are not prone to cramping. This comes with exercising these muscles and joints. The best way is to find a stair case and stand on the edge of a stair holding a railing. Then raise your body up and down to get a stretch on those calves. Do this once a day and you’ll be great.


The hamstrings are the group of muscles on the back of your thigh. They are an important group of muscles prone to tearing in part because they are difficult to isolate. The best thing you can do for your hamstring is stretching. Spread your legs and bend down, walking your hands from one hand to another. You can also do burpees, which are a great overall body workout as well. Simply lay on your back with your feet on the ground knees bent. Then raise your butt off the ground. Hold the pose or do it repeatedly. If you want to really strengthen your hamstrings, you can try barbell dead lifts, but just be careful of your back.


Having strong abdominal muscles will always make you a stronger athlete in whatever sport your undertake. One of the best ways to cultivate strong abs is to do planks. Just hold a push-up position but don’t do the push-up. Try to hold it as long as you can. Conversely you can move from one hand to another, twisting your body and reaching toward the ceiling to work your side abs, or transition into similar side planks.


As anyone knows, skiing and snowboarding can be hard work, but it often comes in spurts. You are going to need some extra lung strength especially at higher elevations. Running is one of the best ways to expand your lung capacity and increase your heart rate. By keeping a regular running routine you’ll be able to perform to your absolute on the mountain this winter.

Photo credit: Pixabay