6 Virtual Reality Videos That Will Take Your Breath Away

Virtual reality technology has been taking off this past year. But what makes this latest consumer gadget even that much more exciting are the places that adventurers are bringing their 360 degree cameras.

With virtual reality glasses, which come as cheap as the $10 Google cardboard, you can be transported from the summit of Mount Everest to the depths of the ocean to swim with sharks. And you never have to leave the house. Here are 6 great resources to find the most thrilling virtual reality videos on the Internet.

Note: You must open these videos in your Youtube mobile app to make them compatible with your VR headset. 

Mammot #project360

Nobody has pushed 360 video to the absolute extremes as much as the team at Mammot #Project360 who have documented 10 peaks in full virtual reality experience. Take a step by step journey all the way from base camp to the epic summits atop 10 of the world’s most notorious peaks including the Matterhorn and Mount Everest. Also included are El Capitan and the Eiger. Sit back in a swivel chair and let these mad men do the hard work as you take in the view in stunning glory.

Within: Storytelling for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality truly has the capability to change the way people interact with stories. The tools available to storytellers are more elaborate and tangible to the viewer than ever before. Some of the most creative uses of virtual reality to tell stories can be found on the app called Within: Storytelling for Virtual Reality. Stories about artists, scuba divers and refugees are brought with a perspective you will have never seen.

360 Labs

The good folks at 360 Labs are another great source of quality 360 virtual reality videos shooting outdoor adventures. Here you’ll find VR experiences down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and this speed flying video.

VR Video 360

Youtube has been quick to catch onto the virtual reality craze with a compatible viewing option when you watch these on your Youtube mobile app. Just click in the lower right hand corner on the glasses and the screen should split in two for headset viewing. You can always search Youtube yourself, but by downloading the VR Video 360 app on iPhone. You can choose from videos in travel, extreme, music or fiction. We went with extreme where we found this video of a wingsuit flight.

Youtube 360 Channel

There’s always Youtube’s own 360 video channel, which culls the latest offerings among Youtube as a whole. They have included some compelling categories such as thrillseekers, explore your world and eyewitness where you can experience the battle of Falluja as if you were standing on the rooftop taking enemy fire.

Best 360 videos channel

The last compilation we’d like to share with you is the aptly named “Best 360 videos for VR box and Google Carboard so far” playlist on Youtube. Everything from surfing in Tahiti to aerial flying stunts and beautiful scenes of nature can be experienced from the comfort of your Lazy Boy. But these videos come with a warning, as they may cause you to jump right up out of that chair and go for a real life adventure.