Watch Extreme Skier Outrun Massive Avalanche

Ski and snowboard season is fast approaching with many resorts already open so what better time to review some epic footage. This past winter Nick McNutt (yes that’s his real name) squared off against one of the most dangerous conditions on the planet: an avalanche.

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While filming in the North Cascades for the new film Tight Loose by Teton Gravity Research, McNutt outran a massive avalanche. He and his buddies were pushing the limits of their craft, searching out steep drops to launch their skis. When a section of snow came lose triggering an avalanche, he had no choice but to point his skis and let it ride.

What resulted is a thrilling clip that will have you at the edge of your seat as he outruns the forces of a giant avalanche. After cruises to safety, the crew decides to stay within the trees for the rest of the day as the conditions just became too nutty.

Photo credit: Teton Gravity Research