Top States for Trout Fishing

Assembling a list of the top trout fishing spots in the US is subjective and opinions will vary from one trout fishermen to the next. People always have their favorite spots based on local preferences and one common answer is “wherever you can do it.”  The following are our picks for the top states for trout fishing.

Wind River Range in Wyoming

Browns, cutthroats, and rainbows exceeding 20 inches in length are not uncommon in the trophy trout waters of Wind River Canyon, the scenic canyon located between the cities of Shoshoni and Thermopolis.

Henry’s Fork (Snake River) in Idaho

Located near the town of Last Chance in Idaho, this is one of the most diverse yet famous trout fisheries in the US. Whether you are a beginning angler or a seasoned veteran, there is something here for everyone and you can experience some true world-class fly fishing as well.

NorthUmpqua River in Oregon

Located to the south and west of Eugene near the Cascade Range in southwestern Oregon is the North Umpqua River. The river is well known for its trophy steelhead population and there is 100 miles of the Umpqua’s tributary that you can fish.

Green River in Utah

Without a doubt, this is the fishery for those hunting for big trout.  The 30 mile stretch of the river is located in the southeastern part of Utah and floating trips are common through here. In 1996, a brown trout was caught on this stretch that tipped the scales at 30 pounds.

Au Sable River in Michigan

If it’s brooks, browns, or rainbows, you’ll find them here.  The river eventually empties into Lake Huron after completing a 130-mile journey and passing through the towns of Grayling and Mio. The river has long been revered as the best brown trout fishery east of the Rocky Mountains.

Armstrong Spring Creek in Montana

This is considered one of the classiest trout streams in the state with its flat waters that expand in width from just under 50 feet at the narrowest point to over 100 feet at the widest. The intense hatches of caddis, mayflies, and midges are the key reasons why this is a heavily populated meadow stream.

Upper Delaware River in New York

One of the hidden trout fishing treasures in the eastern portion of the US is the Upper Delaware River.  It is located near the towns of Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania and Narrowsburg, New York and offers some excellent trout fishing, especially for rainbows. However, there are fairly prolific populations of brookies and browns as well to take advantage of.

Gallatin River in Montana

The river travels over 90 miles and runs from springs in Yellowstone National Park to Three Forks.  Additionally, the Gallatin River was the setting for the renowned trout fishing movie “A River Runs through It.” Browns, Cuttbows, Mountain Whitefish, and Rainbows are the ticket here, all of which have heavy populations to take advantage of.