Energizer Head Lamp

Product Review: Energizer Brilliant Beam Head Lamp

Energizer Head LampIf you are a Whitetail deer bow hunter and if you are on the lookout for a new product that can make your hunts more enjoyable and ease the burden of packing a pack full of gear to the stand, then the Energizer Brilliant Beam head lamp is a must have. I put it to the test while guiding deer hunters everyday for a month, and I am calling this product a must-have for stand hunters.

After hunting or guiding for over twenty years in the Midwest, Northwest and Alaska, I am familiar with and have used most of the popular brands of headlamps on the market.  I have owned and used Petzl, Browning, Streamlight, Cabela’s,  Black Diamond, and a few other forgettable brands that only existed in the past, and they have all served their purpose, but I never had headlamp that I thought was perfect for the job, until now.

Recently, a switch failed me on the top brand name headlamp I was using. This forced me to make a hasty purchase at Cabela’s.  I like having the best gear I can afford, so I picked up a cheap lamp thinking I would do some research and pick a winner later on when I had time. Little did I know that the $22.00 I spent on an Energizer Brilliant Beam would buy me some serious admiration and respect for an overlooked brand of light.

The first thing I noticed with the Brilliant Beam was that it had an incredibly bright 45 lumens single light.  Other LED lights can be used in conjunction with the single bright for a total of 70 lumens of night viewing pleasure.  For those who don’t know exactly what that means, it means you can see something 250 feet away with this tiny headlamp, which is incredible.  The manufacturer claims you can get up to six hours of use from the bright single LED light, but I have gotten up to eight hours on mine. 

For the true Whitetail bow hunter, the big draw of the Brilliant Beam is the dual red LED lights. They are bright, they last forever, and they are reliable. I already have thousands of clicks on my red light switch and it still works as sharp and on demand as the first day I used it. 

With the construction of this unit, I would have to classify it as industrial strength compared to all other brands I have used.  The Brilliant Beam from Energizer is a brilliant purchase and the superior performance and reliability has made me re-think how I will forever determine what a “good” outdoor product is.  Buy one, you won’t regret it.