Never Too Many Tree Stands

Let’s face it, in the modern era of 70+ thousand dollar pick-up trucks, and when hunters are dropping serious money on leases, optics, ATV’s and weapons, buying a few more extra tree stands than you think you need will pay off when the wind goes rogue. 

In almost every Whitetail deer state, prevailing winds are something you can bank on for planning stand locations and approach routes to your chosen deer trees. However, wacky weather incidents are happening more and more lately and there will be a day or two during your deer season when you want to hunt, but there will be no stand selections due to freaky winds. Don’t let it happen, get some extra stands and plan accordingly.

I like to hang stands before the opening of bow season, so it is easier for me to romp around looking for deer sign and trees without making a major impact on deer movement, but I always pick places that will allow me to hunt during terrible wind days. In my hunting grounds, I get a northeast prevailing wind when it is cold, but mostly it is a southerly breeze that dominates the average hunting day.

Once in a blue moon, I will experience a true easterly wind and that means I better have a stand or two up that I can hunt on an east wind and not have the sun in my eyes all day. That is a hard task to complete, but if you can master these sorts of wild card stand placements, then your hunting options are less limited.

A major consideration for oddball stand placements is the impact of your approach paths.  Since these types of stands aren’t classified as ‘normal,’ they will most likely involve a lengthy approach that will not foul your hunting grounds with human scent.  So, not only is it important to plan for and hang a stand for wild winds, but it is equally important to plan and mark your seldom-used walk-in trail as well.  I find the older I get, the less sharp my memory is when it comes to navigating timber in the dark. I use reflecting thumb tacks on my trails that are only used occasionally.

When it comes to planning and purchasing gear for your upcoming hunting season, don’t skimp on treestands, and don’t forget to buy some extra marking items for those trails that you hope you won’t have to use.