Choose Turkeys for First Hunt

Wild-Turkey-RAM3If you are a new hunter or if you are in charge of getting a new hunter started in the outdoors, choosing the first hunt is a very important step in fostering a new hunting career and a lifetime of celebrating the outdoors. High success hunts keep new hunters excited and engaged, and during my four decades of hunting and guiding hunters, turkey hunts have converted many civilians into hard-core outdoorsman. Here are some reasons you can’t go wrong pursuing turkeys.

Turkey hunting at the right time and at the right place can be action-packed. For starters, a decent hunting location will have plenty of birds, the more birds present, the chance for boredom is next-to-none and the prospects of taking home a Thanksgiving dinner are good.

A large group of active turkeys during the mating season will create unmatched stimulation to the audible and visual senses. There is no greater rush than to hear multiple gobblers sounding off in competition with each other. At 100 yards, you can feel a thunderous gobble resonate inside of your body and if you are trying to kill a gobbler, they look larger and larger the more you wait on them to walk into gun range.

The best part about turkey hunting for a new hunter is the fact that you are allowed to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. You don’t need to master a turkey call and you don’t have to be a ninja. All you have to do is be patient and hunt.

Also, if you blow it on a flock of turkeys, you can simply pick up, move on and get more chances. During the peak of the breeding season, young gobblers can be fooled several times in one day as their hormones seem to delete their memories. This fact makes turkey hunting a lock for a new hunter.

As a bonus, most states that have healthy populations of turkeys will allow hunters to hunt them in the spring and the fall.  Hunting in the fall takes a lot more effort and energy as the tactics are different than the spring, but new hunters can find success with perseverance as long as there are plenty of birds to hunt. 

Getting started in the outdoors, and especially hunting, can be intimidating so do yourself a favor and think about chasing turkeys in the spring.