Five Best Waterfowl Dream Hunts

RAM5Waterfowl hunting is the ultimate equal opportunity endeavor. It is a sport where the rich and the modest can both enjoy hunting the same game. There are private duck clubs in California that offer $30,000.00 memberships, and there are places where a guy with five shotshells and a single-shot shotgun can take a home a limit of greenheads. For those that yearn for a once-in-lifetime waterfowl dream hunt, they are more affordable than most people realize. Here are our top picks for affordable dream trips.

1) St. Paul Island, Alaska

Home to the actual king of waterfowl, the King Eider is best sought here during harsh winter conditions. For around $4,000.00, you will get to set your sights on these elusive and rare birds that live in the middle of nowhere. There are only 2-3 outfits that offer guided and outfitted hunts, as do-it-yourselfers are non-existent due to the logistics required for hunting an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There are other birds as well; like Harlequins, but bagging a single Kind Eider is the ultimate ‘get’ for waterfowlers and this is the place to do it.

2) Arkansas

Hunting the flooded timber in Arkansas is legendary and every waterfowler knows about it. Bad hunting days are hard to come by and thousands and thousands of flooded public acres are there to be had. There are plenty of species that find their way into Arkansas, but Mallard drakes are the target and there are greenheads galore. Daily guided hunts can be found from $250.00 for basic guided half-day hunts, to $500.00 for a top-shelf hunt with all the fixins.

3) Argentina

Let’s face it, hunters make their way to Argentina to experience legendary limits of 40-50 ducks per day. With tons of exotic ducks and plenty of game birds, Argentina offers hunters a chance to see thousands of ducks fly right into the decoys daily.  It is worth the trip just to see that many ducks, let alone experience epic body counts that help feed the local population. 

4) Chesapeake Bay, MD

With over 150 rivers dumping into the bay, this area is a historical spot for duck and goose hunting. Long believed to be the home of sneak boats, punt guns and scull boats, Chesapeake Bay is a must-hunt for every waterfowler who appreciates and honors the history and heritage of how western waterfowling came to be. Guided hunts can be found everywhere and there are plenty of puddle ducks, divers and sea ducks.