Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy

Renowned makeup artist and educator, cosmetics innovator and visionary entrepreneur Trish McEvoy founded Trish McEvoy Beauty with a collection of handcrafted makeup brushes that put the power of a professional makeup application into every woman’s hands. She was twenty-five years old. Soon after she opened one of the nation’s first medispas in New York where she grew Trish McEvoy into a multi-million dollar company by the age of thirty.

One of Beauty’s most influential voices, for more than three decades Trish has been dedicated to teaching women the Power of Makeup®. She is in-demand for her famously motivational Master Classes and public appearances that arm women with the products and techniques to make every day a good beauty day. In the world of the major business conglomerate, Trish remains independent and oversees all her company’s operations.

| I believe that looking one’s basic best—or “Level Best” as I say—should be something a woman can depend on every day as she faces the world, not something only to be enjoyed on special occasions with a pro's help.