Hard Swimbaits: Part Two

hard-swimbait2In the first part of this series covering some of the more unique jointed swimbaits available on the market, I detailed some of the products offered by Strike King and Tru Tungsten. Now that you’re back for Part Two, I’ll explore the amazing swimbaits made by Spro and Sebile, two companies that have established themselves as innovative and popular brands among anglers. 

The BBZ-1 line of swimbaits offered by Spro, is a true innovation in the world of jointed baits. These baits have a four-segment body that produces an extremely realistic side-to-side action not only on the retrieve, but also with a swift jerk of the rod, the bait’s action comes alive as well. Furthermore, Spro has not left any stone unturned when it comes to detail on these baits. Their threadfin shad pattern, for example, is equipped with a strand of braided line that extends from the base of the dorsal fin and trails down to the tail and perfectly imitates a threadfin shad. Detail such as this truly sets these baits apart from other models. The BBZ-1 is available in three different weights, each with a varying sink weight for different needs and situations on the water.

Sebile is one company that has long-proven its status as a manufacturer of hard swimbaits. Beloved and requested by anglers for several years now, the company produces some of the most realistically designed swimbaits on the market today, and their Magic Swimmer model, a slender, jointed swimbait, is no exception. The body of the Magic Swimmer is jointed in three parts to create a natural swimming motion that successfully entices strikes from even the most hesitant fish. As the lure is retrieved, an internal rattle chamber creates the kind of noise and vibration that anglers desire from their lures. This chamber is also designed to improve casting, as the internal rattle shifts to maximize momentum during the cast. With a slender, minnow-like appearance, and impressive balance, the Magic Swimmer can be retrieved slow or fast, and also with jerks of the rod tip. Each movement causes the lure to react suddenly with an erratic lunge that drives fish crazy. Such versatile action enables the Magic Swimmer to be easily cast, trolled, or even rigged as a drop shot lure.

Now I’ve described the swimbaits offered by four companies, but you’re probably wondering why I haven’t listed the prices of any of these lures yet. Well, it is true that jointed swimbaits are usually more expensive than other lures out there, but it’s simply due to their quality. Astounding and long-lasting paint jobs, durable materials and hooks, and engineering that provides the most natural presentation you could ask for on the water, are all reasons for the high price tag. Most will cost around twenty dollars, with larger sizes, such as Tru Tungsten’s seven-inch model, sometimes costing nearly twice as much. Most anglers will steer clear of such lucrative baits, but anyone looking to try something new, or anyone with a gift card burning a hole in their wallet, should at least try one of these baits out. They do work and they are worth every penny, especially if you’re an avid fisherman.

Jointed swimbaits have seen an impressive rise in popularity over the last few years, and it doesn’t look like that’s slowing down anytime soon. More and more companies are trying their hand at introducing new models and features to the market, all of which are worth checking out. I’ve tried to pick a handful of swimbaits that have unique traits that set them apart from others, and that I hope will entice readers to give such lures a second glance when shopping at their local retailers. I can tell you from experience, as an angler and as a former fishing retail associate, that you won’t be disappointed.