Holiday Gift Ideas for a Fisherman

 rapala-ice-bucketChristmas is right around the corner and always has a way of sneaking up on us, so those of you struggling to find gifts for the angler in your family will need to get shopping soon. Not sure what to get your favorite fisherman though? You’re not alone; fishermen are some of the hardest people to shop for. We’re very picky and need to physically inspect a rod, reel, or lure before making a purchase. Don’t get discouraged, however, there are many non-tackle items that can be found at your local retailer that would make great gifts for any angler.

If your angler loves to clean and cook those fish he brings home every trip, then a cleaning station is a great idea. Bass Pro Shops offers a Fillet Station, which is comprised of a sturdy table, cutting board, metal bowls for temporary filet storage, and trash bag compartment for excess materials, all for $79.99. Another great gift idea is the Better Breader, a $15 device used to effortlessly coat your favorite fillets in your batter of choice. All it takes is a few shakes and your fillets are perfectly covered.

The fisherman who has a love for entertaining or even a bar set up in their house will enjoy any of the glassware made by Rapala. The company offers shot glasses, pint glasses, and mugs sporting their logo. You can also pick up a 20-piece set that includes an ice bucket, 15 coasters, and 4 pint glasses for $24.95.

Another great idea for an angler who adorns their den, office, or basement with fishing decorations and memorabilia is a decorative lure for their wall. Companies such as Rapala, Heddon, and Rebel make oversized lures, available in several types and colors, for around $40, that expertly resemble their smaller counterparts. Any fan of these brands, let alone any fisherman, would enjoy finding just the right spot to display these giant lures.

What better gift to get for an angler this year than the memory of their greatest catch that they can enjoy forever? If you can find a few pictures of your fisherman’s fish, along with its length and weight, then you can easily have a fiberglass replica made that will preserve the memory forever. Several retailers offer this service, and you’ll be able to find local places near you that can accommodate your needs as well. I guarantee that an incredibly realistic replica of a great day on the water will bring back those memories and instill a swell of pride every time your favorite angler sees it.

Any of the items I’ve described would make a great gift for an angler this Christmas, but what if none of them will fit the bill this year? As I said earlier, shopping for any outdoorsman is a challenge and sometimes the best thing to do is give them a gift card. This will ensure that they can buy the exact tackle they need and you won’t have to stress about what to buy.

Preparation and attentiveness to both comments, and things the angler in your family spends more time looking at in the fishing section at your local retailer,will pay off when you’re Christmas shopping this year. Unless you’re absolutely positive of a specific reel, rod, or lure, try to grab some of the more general items I’ve outlined, and of course, a gift card is always a safe bet.