Getaways: Point Sebago Resort

One thing that many anglers seek when looking for a place to vacation and still enjoy the sport they love is a location that allows them to feel comfortable and at home, while remaining majestically untouched. It’s hard to find a more pastoral and maritime atmosphere than New England, and one location that instills that feeling while maintaining the family-friendly attitude that fishermen want is this month’s Getaway, Point Sebago Resort in Casco, Maine.

Established over 40 years ago, Point Sebago Resort is the ideal fishing destination for the angler traveling with the family and doesn’t want to leave the comforts of home behind. The Resort offers a variety of accommodations to suit any budget, including vacation homes and cottages, as well as RV campgrounds. As far as activities go, there are daily events designed for children, as well as the entire family that are sure to provide great fun.

The Resort is also home to a nationally-acclaimed 18-hole golf course, as well Island House Massage, a spa designed to make your vacation that much more relaxing. As far as water recreation is concerned, Point Sebago Resort rests on Sebago Lake, and is home to over 55 miles of inland waterways for your kayaking or fishing pleasure. The lake is home to some of the best salmon fishing in the country, and even hosts some of the biggest bass fishing tournaments in the region. With a marina that houses dozens of boats available for rent, kayaks for leisurely outings with the family, and permission to dock your own boat for private use, you have no excuse for not getting out onto the water.

Point Sebago Resort has no shortage of dining and entertainment, as well. The Lakeview Restaurant, the Terrace Room, the Sunset Lounge, the Sebago Lounge, and the Outdoor Café all offer great meals for all price ranges. The Lakeview Restaurant even hosts a breakfast buffet every morning in the summer. You can also find anything you might have accidentally left behind, or mementos of your stay, at the General Store.

Entertainment comes in a variety of packages, both for children and adults. There are character shows, featuring mascots and sing-a-longs, which are sure to keep children amused and excited. For adults looking to wind down at the end of the day, the Sebago Lounge offers acoustic music, as well as DJ’s, bands, and Happy Hour. You can also embark on a Pirate Cruise out to the lake.

With several different varieties of accommodations available for any price range, a plethora of acitivities for kids and adults alike, quality restaurants, and amazing fishing opportunities, all overlooking breathtaking scenery that will make you never want to leave, Point Sebago Resort is the ideal resort for the angler travelling with the family. While many look to getaway for a vacation of solitude or male bonding, it’s also important to share such an experience with our families and remind them that they still hold a special place in our hearts and that we enjoy spending time with them.

For more information of Point Sebago Resort, including rates and reservations, feel free to contact the resort directly at 800-530-1555m or visit