Fishing on LakeLet’s face it: sometimes we all need a break. Whether it’s work, school, or bills, we could all use a respite from the things that hang on our shoulders each day. This is the main reason so many Americans possess a love for the outdoors. Fishermen seek out secluded lakes and rivers for just this reason. With nothing but the sunrise on the water, the soothing orchestra of rapids, and the occasional call of a loon as their companions, anglers can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they are truly connected to nature when they’re on the water.

It’s true that the landscape of America has changed significantly throughout the years. Where forests once sprawled, cities of towering buildings now stand. Where fields once stretched for miles, parking lots are found. There are still times when one can sit and listen to birds or rainfall, but more often than not, those tranquil sounds are lost among the din of traffic. However, fishing is one of the few ways outdoorsmen escape the hectic activity of the present and almost travel back in time to when things were a bit simpler. Being on the water at sunrise, when there’s a blanket of fog over the surface and the crisp bite of morning in the air is the ideal way to reward oneself after a long week and enjoy parts of America that still remind us of how beautiful this country is.

You don’t have to venture far to find such serenity. Sometimes all it takes to get away from the pressures of life is a short walk off the beaten path to discover a place where you can relax with a rod and reel. Often, unexpected locations like city parks or neighborhood ponds can provide the kind of relaxation we all seek.

The trick to discovering the kind of rugged beauty that only the American wilderness possesses is stopping to take a look around the next time you’re on the water. Take a moment to soak in each swaying tree, each mountain peak in the distance, and each refreshing breeze as it comes, and I guarantee you’ll discover the America we all take for granted sometimes. This is the America that has remained untouched for over two-hundred years and was meant to be experienced hands-on, not through a television.

Whether they hunt, fish, hike, or bike, the men and women who prefer a campsite to a hotel room, or a pair of hiking boots to a pair of slippers, do so because when you want to escape chaos, you need to keep things simple. Enjoying the untouched majesty of nature, away from department stores, traffic, and television, is why so many would rather get a little dirty when it comes to a vacation, skip the spa, and give the phrase “mud bath” a whole new meaning.

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