Tackle Review: Death Shimmer Spinnerbait

It can be difficult to take a product that already works so well and that many wouldn’t say needs to change, and alter it slightly in an attempt to make it better. The spinnerbait is pretty much synonymous with bass fishing, and, other than color patterns or blade styles, it hasn’t changed a whole lot since its creation. It’s just one of those products that simply hasn’t needed to change, or be changed, for that matter. However, Law Lures has done just that and modified the spinnerbait to possess a more aggressive action with their Death Shimmer Spinnerbait.

The overall design of the Death Shimmer spinnerbait isn’t different from the spinnerbait we all know and love. However, the truly innovative feature of Law Lures’ take on the fan favorite is the upper arm, which may have some experienced anglers furrowing their brow and scratching their heads.

Law Lures has crafted their Death Shimmer spinnberbaits with an upper arm comprised of a series of bends. I’ll admit, when I first noticed this feature, I was a little skeptical. However, the bends are strategically placed and designed to give the bait more resistance in the water during the retrieve. The increase in resistance creates more vibration, which will be felt along a fish’s receptive lateral line.

If you hear the term “bends” and wonder how the bait runs with such a design, no worries. The bends are alligned with the arm, so that the overall design remains linear and runs true, just like your standard spinnerbait. Really, the Death Shimmer is like a chatterbait and a spinnerbait combined, which isn’t a bad thing at all. At present, there are a handful of color patterns available for purchase at the Death Shimmer website and costs $8.49. Also, if preferred, you can customize your own Death Shimmer by selecting a blade, a jihead, a skirt, and a weight of your choosing, all for the same cost.

Spinnerbaits are a bass lure that is effective year-round, and there are hundreds of different styles available these days. Any fan of spinnerbaits (we should all be raising our hand right now) would do well to give this lure a shot. Law Lures’ Death Shimmer is something that fish and fishermen alike have yet to see, and any angler will attest to the fact that throwing a lure that fish aren’t familiar with will more often than not have great results.